Rochelle, the Dance School

Photography & Web Design

A multi-disciplinary dance school in Leicestershire with classes ranging from traditional to contemporary dance styles.

The client requested an e-commerce website that complimented their current branding, with a CMS that could be used to update their class timetable.

rochelle homepage screenshot
rochelle homepage loading animation

The dark shade of blue throughout the design matches the colour of their uniform, reinforcing the idea of tradition and referring to their foundation in ballet.

Light blue and imagery of happy children creates vibrancy and reflects fun, against the underlying notion of formality, tradition and structure.

The theme is Lobo, modified with CSS to enable the use of smaller sections to match the initial mockup. The theme’s emphasis on a portfolio style lends well to an image heavy design.

rochelle menu animation

All photography on the website was taken and edited by me and my partner.

rochelle photoshoot
rochelle shop photoshoot
rochelle teacher portrait kaye
rochelle teacher portrait jessica