Illustrated Children’s Book

An illustrated, mixed-media story book about a young girl who must deal with a big change in her life. The story is symbolic of parental neglect and coming of age; everything that happens to her is motivated by the will of her parents, she feels trapped in the family.

Collage of illustrated pages from Broken.

The art style reflects the stillness of night and solitude, expressing feelings of boredom, contention, isolation and lack of control. Images and ideas in the book are mostly derived from personal memories and experiences of childhood and adolescence.

It isn’t auto-biographical, but I wanted to evoke feelings I have experienced in the past that I felt were important to children coming of age. It was written to relate to those who feel they never had a happy childhood and warn adults of passive and neglectful parenting and a lack of meaningful relationships with their children.

Illustrated book Broken mockup.
Illustrated book Broken mockup.